Advertising Jackson Hole Tourism Campaign Encourages Visitors To Instagram Responsibly

To prevent damage caused by overcrowding of its natural sites, Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board is encouraging visitors to use its geotag "Keep Jackson Hole Wild" instead of exact locations as part of its increased sustainability plans

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel EasyJet Lets Travelers Pick Out Their Vacation From Instagram Photos

The airline's latest visual search tool in its mobile app lets consumers select destinations and flights from photos on Instagram

Cafe & Restaurant Service Mines Instagram Data To Design More Authentic Travel Experiences

For many people the best kind of holiday is one based on local knowledge, but how do you know where the locals go—especially when they may prefer not to tell you? Through social media

Design Crowdsourced Project Maps Out Old Photographs Of New York City

The New York Public Library is looking for help properly geotagging old images in their archives to find the city's lost history

Automotive Service Pays For Videos Of Drivers Who Text While Driving

In order to combat growing concerns about drivers who text, an app accepts videos of offenses and sends them to local authorities

Gaming & Play Create Tailored Recommendation Map By Geotagging Specific Locations Using Emotions

New concept uses a headset and heart monitor to find out how you're feeling, and identifies locations by how you felt.

Technology Easily Share Photos From Last Night With Friends

iPhone app Flock eliminates the need to email people party photos, instead letting you create a shared album with friends using location information.

Technology Why Google Should Open Up Geotagging To Bloggers [Headlines]

Search results currently display corporate chains, but are lacking in local hotspots.

Technology Which Countries Are Tweeting The Most? [Pics]

A 21st century mapping guru depicts how people and tweets move around the world.

Technology Mapping The World With Geotagged Flickr Photos & Tweets [Infographic]

Eric Fischer creates a set of maps comparing geodata from Flickr and Twitter.

Advertising Geotag Your Favorite Typography With Typeplace

A location-based app for the typeface devotee, lets you snap, upload and map your favorite fonts.

Design Could Google Earth Murals Be The New Billboards?

A failed art installation creates the potential for "global" advertising campaigns.

Advertising Priority Seating For Those Who Want Conversation

Brisbane public art installation aims to promote interactions between commuters through Google maps and geotagging.

Home Future Of Real-Time: Instant Mapping

A growing number of open source tools and lo-fi solutions offer local communities the ability to rapidly generate maps and provide real-time instructions for navigating uncharted or changing landscapes.