Features How Gestural Commands Are Making Interfaces Seamless And Intuitive

Gesture controls allow users to make the most of technology with natural movements, increasing convenience and reducing screen time

Home Sony Suggests Hidden-Sensor Technology Is The Home’s Future

The Japanese company debuted sensor-based technology for the connected home, showcasing their vision and creative potential for transforming the domestic setting

Design Smart Glasses Could Turn Your Nose Into A Remote Control

This proposal for smart glasses recognizes the wearer touching their nose to act as a remote control for their phone

Health Future Of Health: Rethinking Healthcare Engagement And Service Delivery

Our partners at Artefact Group developed a concept to reimagine how patients can gain access to health services using AI, AR and autonomous vehicles

Fashion & Apparel Interact With Augmented Reality Using A Simple Elegant Ring

Nat Martin created a ring designed for use in an augmented reality device to replace the exaggerated gestures users typically make

Entertainment This Drone Reacts To Humans Like A Loyal Pet

Like those other faithful non-human companions, a new drone can detect human emotions

Technology Gloves Translate Sign Language Into Text

A Taiwanese company debuted a pair of black gloves that can translate hand gestures into messages in real-time

Design AI Can Help You Become A Better Public Speaker

Meet the speech coach in your pocket can help eliminate bad habits

Technology Control Your Phone With A Wink And A Smile

EarFieldSensing is a pair of ear buds that makes it easier for people to control their devices hands-free

Gaming & Play Control This Toy Car With Just Your Gestures

Ultigesture adds a new level of interaction to traditional remote control cars

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Wearable Instantly Translates Speech For Travelers

The wearable from a company called Logbar is able to translate up to 50,000 words and phrases without WiFi or mobile data

Automotive This Bike Helmet's Features Could Make Your Ride Much Safer

Signal lights, cameras and spatial awareness help cyclers navigate through city streets

Work Office Chair Designed For Mobile Device Use

Steelcase has studied how the body interacts with our various tech and has created seating that supports these postures.

Technology Send An Email With Kinect Without Touching The Keyboard

A simple modification on the Kinect opens up numerous possibilities for hands-free communication among the disabled.