gesture control

Design Device Brings Gestural Controls To The Voice-Dominated Smart Home Space

Hayo is a hub designed to enable devices to receive and interpret movement based controls

Automotive Heads-Up Display Gives You Gesture Control Over Your Car

New automated technologies could soon replace distracting and error-prone phone-controlled setups

Technology Is Gesture Control The Future Of Phone-Based VR Systems?

A new direction for how we engage with virtual reality content on our devices

Technology Control Your Gadgets With A Simple Sweep Of The Hand

This smartwatch learns to read your gestures and completes actions based on them

Home Driver Wellness, Gesture-Controlled Parking and Other Automotive Technology Highlights [CES 2016]

#CES2016 was the year of the car, and its increasing evolution toward a digital product

Advertising Windows ‘Gestures’ Lets You Control Phone Functions With Natural Movements

Microsoft releases intuitive app to encourage a more hands-free lifestyle, answer your calls using gesture-controlled technology

Gaming & Play onecue Adds Gesture Control to Connected Homes

eyeSight, a leader in machine vision and gesture recognition, is now accepting preorders for onecue, a device that will bring the end to remote controls

Work BMW Inspects New Cars With Gesture Interface

System ensures bumper quality with the wave of a hand

Gaming & Play Case Expands Phone Screen Beyond Its Borders [Video]

Fuffr allows gesture control for iPhones.

Innovation Ring Serves As Home's Remote Control [Video]

Nod’s technology builds on the human behavior of pointing.

Design VR Game Helps Those With Eye Disorders See In 3D For The First Time

A new game offers hope for people who can only see in 2D.

Video Navigate Devices Touch-Free with Ultrasound Tech

The latest in gesture-reading technology lets users work their gadgets with a wave of the hand

Advertising Air Pressure Device Turns Gaming Action Into Real World Feelings [Video]

Disney researchers have 3D-printed a futuristic experience where currents of oxygen help users feel on their skin what they see in front of them.

Design 3D Dissection Table Helps Students Explore Rare Medical Cases [Video]

Explore the body like never before with high resolution, life-sized medical images that you can cut, uncut, rotate and label.