gesture recognition

Features How Gestural Commands Are Making Interfaces Seamless And Intuitive

Gesture controls allow users to make the most of technology with natural movements, increasing convenience and reducing screen time

Design Concept Wearable Creates Spontaneous Play Among Friends

Göbie looks to build social connections through brief moments of prompted-yet-voluntary moments of playful interactions

Gaming & Play Control This Toy Car With Just Your Gestures

Ultigesture adds a new level of interaction to traditional remote control cars

Home Gesture Recognition Tech Controls Devices Without A Camera [Video]

WiSee lets homeowners control their electronics and appliances from any room using WiFi signals.

Advertising Technology Turns TV Viewer’s Finger Into Remote Control [Video]

EyeSight unveils the world's first gesture recognition software.

Technology Touch-Sensitive Case Lets Users Control Games From The Back Of Their Phone

The Canopy Sensus case gives users the ability to control games and other features from the back of their phone instead of their screens.

Advertising Tool Turns Digital Text Into Realistic, Human Video Avatar

Seyyer brings Ronald Reagan 'back to life' as an election commentator with their new technology.

Technology Kinect-Powered Online Banking Logs You In With Your Face And Voice

The ETRONIKA online banking system recognizes your face, voice and gestures to login and control the processes.

Technology New Gesture-Controlled Smartphone Unveiled

Pantech's Vega LTE uses eyeSight's recognition technology to detect motion.

Home Steve Clayton: Kinect Wants To Show You Some NuAds

Microsoft's hardware peripheral brings interactive advertising into the home with voice and gesture recognition.

Design French Boutique's Interactive Window Display

A ballet shoe company fits their window with a video controlled by gestures.

Retail No Touching: LCD Screen Uses Hand Gesture Control

A next generation technology doesn't require multi-touch to control applications on screen.