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January 16, 2019 | New York City
Consumers increasingly value high-quality customer service and the ability to co-create their brand experiences with the companies themselves, which has led to brands implementing more immersive technologies to create more customized loyalty program experiences
August 15, 2018

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Reshma Saujani is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code and the former deputy public advocate of New York City. As Executive Director of the Fund for Public Advocacy, Reshma brought together public and private sectors to encourage entrepreneurship and civic engagement across NYC. Today, she has galvanized industry leaders to close the gender gap in STEM education and empowered girls to pursue careers in technology and engineering through her nonprofit, Girls Who Code. Their mission is to help women reach gender parity in computing fields by exposing more girls to computer science at a young age.


Jenny is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mingyian. She specializes in product development, UI/UX design, and social media. Jenny has served as Executive Director of Girls in Tech China, Director of International Relations, Asia of Girls in Tech, and Co-Founder of Girl 2.0 Global Campaign. Prior to that she worked as the Director of Marketing at the Great Gourmet and as Editor-in-Chief of Hanyushijie, a Chinese business and culture magazine published by China’s oldest publishing house, The Commercial Press  

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