Global economy

Home Why Is Vienna the World's Top City for Quality of Life?

Study examining socioeconomic conditions places Austrian capital at apex of index

Innovation Why Digital Currency Makes Sense For A Global Economy

With an ever-increasing global market, do physical currencies tied to national governments actually hinder trade?

Retail Nike Shares Plummet 7% After Missing Earning Expectations [Headlines]

The company cited a weak global economy as the reason for the lower-than-anticipated numbers.

Luxury What Can The Native Tribes Of New Guinea Teach Us About Financial Markets?

Using an anthropological perspective and a broader social context we will begin to understand how bankers function.

Technology Financial Times Projects 3D Interactive Infographics In Grand Central Station

The newspaper presents 'Graphic World', a visual exploration of global business and economy.

The Big Mac Index

The Economist updates their index, which shows the price of a Big Mac in different countries and the GDP per person.