Global Positioning System

Automotive Automotive GPS Platform Waze Is Helping Retailers Anticipate Consumer Needs

The community-driven navigation app launched a proactive shift in strategy that focuses on leveraging data to predict and potentially influence driver needs

Analysis How Brands Like BMW Are Taking Their Post-Purchase Service Ecosystems Online

From PSFK's 2019 Automotive CX Debrief, here's how three car retailers are developing tech-based products and services that provide post-purchase customer support for a digital-first market

Brand Activation & Immersion Uber Customers Can Select E-Bikes As Their Mode Of Transport

Uber's acquisition of Jump and its latest e-bike model is intended to give the rideshare a competitive edge in its market, as companies look to offer additional and eco-friendly modes of transit

Delivery & Logistics Video: Solving The Unaddressable

what3words allows delivery and connected services to reach everyone on Earth

Loyalty & Membership Subscription Dating Service Replaces Quantity With Trust

By vetting applicants and charging $7.99 a month, Raya hopes to ensure a dating service based on trust and similar interests

Fitness & Sport Soccer Wearable Makes Professional Analytics Possible For Anyone

Catapult has launched its PlayerTek technology in US stores to help give all athletes personalized fitness data and training plans

Retail This App Lets You Earn Cryptocurrency By Walking

Sweatcoin counts the number of steps a user takes per day and turns it into cryptocurrency, which can be used to purchase products on the fitness platform

Design How Insertable Microchips Could Unlock The Future

Volunteers in Melbourne have had microchips inserted for three months, designed to unlock doors and carry out other tasks

Technology DelivAir Will Bring Products Directly To People Via Drones

A Cambridge Consultants venture uses GPS and precision optical tracking to deliver packages to recipients even when they're out and about

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mercedes Partnership Brings 3-Word Addresses To Car Navigation

what3words and Daimler partnered to bring the simplified global addressing system to voice-activated vehicle GPS

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Microsoft's Low-Cost Alternative To GPS Maps Indoor Spaces

The tech company wants to create an indoor navigation unit in which people create their own maps

Syndicated Dutch Service Allows Elderly To 'Hack' Traffic Lights

With sensors and smartphones to make roads more flexible, Tilburg is addressing the question: how can a city become safer for less able residents?

Health PSFK 2017: Re-Thinking Addresses To Improve Mail And Health Services Worldwide

Clare Jones introduced PSFK 2017 to what3words, the global addressing system that is changing and saving lives around the world

Technology A Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature Is Coming To Apple's New iOS

Beta testers in iOS 11 get to try out the new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode