Global Pulse

Retail How The United Nations Is Using Social Media To Spot Crises [Video]

From PSFK CONFERENCE NYC: Robert Kirkpatrick explains the mission of using data-for-good, and invites corporations to get involved with data-philanthropy,

Innovation How Powerful Is Our Data? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Robert Kirkpatrick of UN Global Pulse discusses how the simple data we produce everyday can be tracked to help predict global crises.

Advertising How Passive Data Will Save The World [Video]

A new animation from the United Nation’s Global Pulse initiative explains how macro socioeconomic trends effect individual people and how the analysis of real-time data can help inform a more timely and targeted response.

Technology PSFK's Future Of Real-Time Report Distributed At UN General Assembly Briefing

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for greater use of the latest real-time data tools and new technologies to facilitate agile global development.

Home 5 Big Ideas On The Future Of Real-Time

Our most recent salon took a deep look at the Future of Real-Time. Here are 5 key ideas that were discussed.

Advertising PSFK Presents The Future of Real-Time Report [Video]

PSFK presented its Future of Real-Time Report this week at Open UN: Engagement In The Age Of Real Time as part of Social Media Week in New York City.

Luxury PSFK SALON NEW YORK: Future Of Real Time

At this event, PSFK will invite speakers to discuss the key themes found in the Future Of Real Time report.

Home Future of Real-Time: Data Democracy

City administrations, institutions, and companies are publicly sharing data generated within their systems to add new levels of transparency and accountability.

Design Future of Real-Time: Networking Nature

By connecting the natural world to the internet, communities and organizations are better able to monitor and respond to nature’s ebb and flow in real-time.

Work Future Of Real-Time: Instant Mapping

A growing number of open source tools and lo-fi solutions offer local communities the ability to rapidly generate maps and provide real-time instructions for navigating uncharted or changing landscapes.

Innovation Future of Real-Time: See Something, Text Something

Systems that track change can leverage power of people. Crowd-sourced services that allow people to report on the situation around them are ensuring communities’ collective well-being by rapidly documenting potentially harmful incidents.

Technology Future of Real-Time: Personal Census

Growing access to mobile technology around the world now enables an unprecedented monitoring of an individual’s current state of being.

Work Future of Real-Time: Social Sentiment

Analyzed in bulk, it is possible to calculate the current status of entire communities through web-based queries. This data can also be used to predict what lies ahead.

Design Future Of Real-Time: Human Sensor Networks

Passive feedback systems require minimal infrastructure and transforms people into sensory nodes with little effort on their part.