global warming

Design This Floating City Concept Could Fight Climate Change

A hoverboard startup wants to help keep urban areas safe from destruction

Automotive Track The Exact Carbon Footprint Of Your Car

MIT has released a new app that uncovers which vehicles are the worst and the best for the environment

Fashion & Apparel Clothing Line Imagines A Future Of Rising Temperatures

The garments are designed to help the wearer keep cool in a warming world

Innovation With Every Drip, Melting Polar Bear Statue Raises Global Warming Awareness

A cry for help from the Arctic that isn't so cute, cuddly or comforting

Home Glacier Candles Comment On Global Warming

Brynjar Sigurðarson's collection reminds us that the preservation of the environment is in our hands

Work In a Drought-Stricken Future, Sugar-Embedded Products Might Save Us

Designer Jaime Tai explores the possibility of using trehalose, a sugar that protects from dehydration, in clothing and skincare

Technology Track Your Facebook and Netflix Binges' Carbon Footprint

Browser Extension allows users to see how much CO2 they're burning while surfing online

Advertising D&AD: Wieden+Kennedy's Chairman On His Dream Campaign

A small, unusually-named agency set out to do work on climate change that needed to be done.

Home Down-And-Out Santa Pleads For Climate Change Help [Video]

Christmas is cancelled as the North Pole falls to pieces because of melting polar ice caps.

Gaming & Play 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

NY Times launches quick video news, new LG phone heals itself and London to harvest Tube heat.

Advertising How Al Gore Is Making Global Warming Personal

“What I Love” is a web-based experience that asks users to identify the things they love and shows how climate change threatens them.

Innovation Global Warming Expressed As A Cello Composition [Video]

Student Daniel Crawford turns climate change data into a piece of music.

Design Skate Park Ramps Also Prevents Flooding

Concrete structures in Denmark combine recreation with functionality to protect people from natural disasters.

Design Melting Figurines Portay The Dangers of Climate Change [Pics]

Artist uses unique medium to highlight one of the world’s biggest challenges.