Design How Playing Video Games Could Be The Path To Wellness [Future Of Health]

Gameplay and mechanics are being integrated into treatment and recovery plans to ensure that patients stay motivated and adhere to their goals.

Advertising Budweiser Installs Hockey Goal-Activated Red Light In Fan's Homes

The device connects to your wi-fi network and flashes whenever your favorite team scores, wherever they are playinkg

Technology Modified Nike FuelBand Measures The Health Of Twitter Accounts [Video]

TweetFuel motivates its wearers to tweet smarter and healthier to increase their online influence.

Gaming & Play Game Motivates Well-Being Through Financial Disincentives [Future Of Gaming]

StickK.com is a site that helps users commit to personal goals ranging from losing weight, to eating vegan, or becoming debt free.

Work Motivating Inter-Office Health Through A Competitive Game [Future Of Gaming]

Keas is an online platform that transforms inter-office health into a collaborative competition, motivating individual well-being by requiring participants to work together as a team to meet collective health goals.

Technology StickK: Make Resolutions And Put Money On The Line

An online 'commitment store' that helps you stick to your goals by putting a price on your failure to achieve them.

Advertising Cross-Training and Creative Problem Solving

Peter Bregman explores how thinking backwards from your desired goal can help reveal new solutions.

Design Team-Based Savings Software Helps Users Avoid Impulse Purchases

piggymojo combines mobile and social technology to reinforce smart financial decisions

Work Seth Godin: Hope And The Magic Lottery

Entrepreneurial hope is essential. It gets us over the hump and through the dip. There's a variety of this hope, though, that's far more damaging than helpful.