Advertising Seth Godin: Betting On Smarter (Or Betting On Dumber)

Marketers fall into one of two categories...

Design Seth Godin: The Non-Optimized Life

When you measure an activity, you can improve it. Computers make it easy to optimize just about every portion of your life.

Work Seth Godin: What's The Point?

Are you doing work worth doing, or are you just doing your job?

Advertising Seth Godin: The Sugar Cane Machine

Thoughts on competition and customer service.

Design Seth Godin: Winning

What happens when you define a win as getting closer to someone who wants the same thing? Or when you define it as improvement over time?

Luxury Seth Godin: BACO And Your Career

When you understand the alternative, it's far easier to not only measure your work, but value it.

Work Seth Godin: Validation Is Overrated

If you're waiting for a boss or an editor or a college to tell you that you do good work, you're handing over too much power to someone who doesn't care nearly as much as you do.

Technology Seth Godin: Do You Have The Right To Be Heard?

I'm not talking about the ability to be heard... we solved that problem a few years ago. It used to be logistically impossible to make it easy for the masses to speak up and to sort and respond to the feedback. Now, though, that part is easy.

Advertising Seth Godin: You're Already Self Employed

The idea that you are a faceless cog in a benevolent system that cares about you and can't tell particularly whether you are worth a day's pay or not, is, like it or not, over.

Advertising Seth Godin: Archetypes At Work

What are you, what do you want to be? When you're being your best self at your job, what are you doing?

Retail Seth Godin: Don't Snowglobe Me, Bro

How important is it? Is it so important you need to interrupt everyone, every single one of your customers?

Work Seth Godin: Amplifying The Lizard Brain

Reflections on a common self-sabotaging behavior.

Home Seth Godin: Goodbye To The Office

In 2010, why go to work in an office/plant/factory?

Retail Seth Godin: Lula's Logic

Lessons in marketing from Lula's Apothecary, a vegan ice cream shop in New York City.