Design Gold Jewelry Is Upcycled From Old Dell Computers

A collaboration between Dell and Nikki Reed gives new life to discarded computer parts

Fashion & Apparel Circuit Board Wearable Fits On Like A Second Skin

A stretchy golden wearable could make it easier for doctors to monitor their patients, even after they return home

Technology Sound-Dampening Earbuds Let You Control Real World Audio Like A Volume Button

Knops work mechanically to reduce real-world noise to very low levels

Design Art Installation Transforms Real-Time Data From A Polluted River Into Sound

Artist Brian House incorporated data and sound to create a comment on the ecological degradation of rivers

Home A Light Bulb That Makes You Look More Beautiful

Plumen's latest innovative bulb uses gold to give the humble LED light some sex appeal

Luxury Nikon Df DSLR Camera Bathed in 24K Gold

Capture golden memories with a glimmering camera that reportedly comes with a hefty price tag

Design Limited Edition Great Gatsby Record Made From Precious Metals

Third Man Records is releasing a $250 vinyl set for The Great Gatsby’s movie soundtrack that has been assembled by hand.

Work Artist Uses Insects To Create Precious Metal Sculptures

Artist Hubert Duprat uses caddisfly larvae to help create his art, by providing them with beads, pearls, and gold pieces to build their shells.

Advertising Life-Sized Storybook Characters Appear In London Subway Station

UK Television Network 'Gold' creates a one-of-a-kind scenario in a busy London Train Station, bringing laughter and amusement to onlookers.

Work Scientists Produce Gold Using Bacteria

Michigan State University researchers have found a way to use the metal-tolerant bacteria 'Cupriavidus metallidurans' to turn liquid gold into solid, 24-karat gold.

Luxury Harvey Nichols' Luxury Champagne Lollipop Contains Real Gold Flakes

The British department store unveils their own blinged-out version of a classic childhood treat.

Home Cartier Relaunches Its Edgy Nail-Inspired Jewelery [Pics]

Renowned luxury brand brings back its previous line of bracelets and rings.

Advertising Hermes Makes A $2 Million Handbag [Headlines]

The luxury French fashion house has created an outlandishly expensive purse.

Work Gold Surfaces Repair Themselves At Room Temperature [Headlines]

Micromechanical systems and electric switches are only work if the surfaces are very smooth and without any defects.