Advertising Uber: Seamless Partnerships Can Enhance Your Brand [NRF 2016]

Uber's Director of Product Experience on the importance of perfect partnerships

Work How Levi's Will Help You Donate Clothes This Holiday Season

The Goodwill partnership enables consumers to send off their used clothing and shoes to the needy in Levi's shipping boxes

Design Goodwill Puts the Tech in Textile Recycling

GoBIN or go home Tech makes textile recycling easier than ever

Gaming & Play Goodwill Opens Doors to Eco-Friendly Electronics, Video Game Shop

Thrift brand's North Carolina-based specialty store offers retro titles, electronic parts and more

Home High-Tech Goodwill Bins Make For Hassle-Free Donating [Pics]

These donation bins debuting in San Franciscan apartment buildings can encourage more textile recycling with less fuss.

Retail Former Target Creative Director Redesigns Goodwill Thrift Stores

Tim Murray has taken on a full rebrand of San Francisco’s Goodwill stores, website, and delivery trucks.

Retail Eco-Friendly T-Shirts Turn Aid Into Sustainable Charity

Project Repat is working with artisans from Kenya to turn used clothing into profits for NGOs and sustainable business for locals.

Advertising A Curated Thrift Shop: Goodwill Boutique Opens In Texas

GW Boutique, a new concept store specializing in pre-owned name brands like Anne Taylor and The Gap is set to open in Fort Worth.

Innovation New Label Aims to Extend the Levi's Lifecycle

Levi Strauss & Co is taking a small step to help decrease the amount of textiles that are thrown away every year by adding a "donate to goodwill" icon to their clothing's care tags.