Google Cardboard

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The VR experience reveals the trauma of walking through a horde of anti-abortion protesters to access reproductive care

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Technology-enabled experiences are being used as treatment options to help patients improve health, manage chronic conditions or forgo medications

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Nat Martin created a ring designed for use in an augmented reality device to replace the exaggerated gestures users typically make

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Amber Garage is creating a cheaper version of the HoloLens for those who can't afford the expensive developer kits

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In a world where we replace our technology every two or three years, wouldn't it be nice to simply update what we already have?

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A startup has designed a controller to push the limits of VR immersion

Health How Augmented Reality Can Be An Empathy-Building Tool

Royal College of Art graduate Heeju Kim has designed a Google Cardboard application that is paired with a collection of awkwardly shaped candies meant to impede speech

Technology Shoot Easily Shareable VR Content Straight From Your Phone

This startup has invented a new virtual reality format that's easily recorded and shared with friends on Facebook

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US retailers are starting to capitalize on VR to tap into the retail market in China

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To celebrate their 600th episode, the animated family sitcom created a virtual reality version of their opening gag

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A Singapore branch of the popular fast food chain is innovating its locations with emerging technologies

Food & Beverage Budweiser Delivers Basketball Fans The First NBA Virtual Reality Experience

Cavaliers fans gifted headsets gain a unique view of team content

Technology Crafty Device Turns Any Smartphone into a 3D Printer

Idea transforms 3D printing into a mobile and easy-to-accomplish exercise