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Technology Panasonic's AR Glasses Help Workers Increase Productivity

The tech company markets its Google Glass-inspired wearable device toward enhancing workplace training using augmented reality

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Mark Newcomer, Chief Strategy Officer at Mirum, describes what venture capital firms are looking for when funding meaningful digital and physical experiences

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We sat down with Platform founder and CEO Joey Miller to discuss how the retail space is delivering experiential pop-ups, installations and culinary partnerships

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Evan Kraut, Managing Director of Grey Adventures, discusses how AR will likely replace our screens and redefine our experiences

Retail Amazon Is Planning To Release A Pair Of Alexa-Powered Glasses

Unlike Google Glass and Snapchat’s Spectacles, the glasses reportedly won’t feature a camera, instead focusing on linking to Amazon’s voice assistant

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The two biggest players in smartphone software are pitching to win the war for AR

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition is made to be faster and tougher

Design The Interface Is Dead: Long Live Experience Planning

Mark Bell, The Inside Ideas Group's chief experience officer, discusses the key to making  a brand's digital experiences more human

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Apps are linking visually impaired people to sighted volunteers as assistive technology enters a new era of connectivity

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The retro sunglasses with a built-in video camera could be a must-have for serial posters on Snapchat, even if they’re not much good for anything else

Advertising Museum Presents A Collection Of Failures From Around The World

The exhibition in Sweden is meant to celebrate the necessity of failure in accomplishing goals

Automotive Portable Breathalyzer Fits Into A Watch

Soon phones, fitness bands, eyewear and smartwatches could detect if you're too drunk to drive

Fashion & Apparel Dior's Frame-Maker Is Building Mind-Reading Smart Glasses

Safilo is developing eyewear that tracks brainwaves and sends the results to an app to help people assess their state of mind and help them relax and meditate

Technology These Glasses Let You Control A Computer With Your Head

GlassOuse uses head movement and bite force to track the mouse