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Advertising Sophie Maxwell: How Can We Create a More Personalized Future?

Futures Director at Pearlfisher believes in the future we will want new knowledge, inspiration and possibilities to allow us to be more empowered in shaping the lifestyle we want to lead

Google Shuts Down Experimental Lab, Not Creativity [Headlines]

Google shuts down experimental department Google Labs, but it will not affect its famous '20% employee time' policy.

Google Shuts Down Its Experimental Lab [Headlines]

According to Google, their products, such as Gmail and Search have their own test centers making the Google Labs unnecessary.

Technology Google Talk Guru Combines Instant Messaging with Search

An experimental app allows people to get information like sports results, weather forecasts and definitions via chat.

Technology Google's Body Browser Offers 3D Exploration Of Human Anatomy

Google Labs has a new product that takes the company's mission ("to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful") to a new level.

Design The One Place To Find Everything New From Google

A website to discover everything new from the company.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Digital Travel Guide: Google Simplifies Trip Planning

Google Labs has created a tool to effortlessly generate city tour guides.