Google Maps

Retail New Google Features Make Online Shopping Offline A Reality

Android features will provide trip planning tools, new conversational capabilities and AR shopping features

Advertising Reporters Without Borders Used Google Maps To Fight Censorship

The organization's branch in Sweden launched a campaign that shares the words of silenced journalists on digitally altered billboards through Google Street View

Entertainment Disney Is Opening Its Parks To Virtual Google Maps Tours

The partnership gives tourists a new way to plan out their trips, or simply enjoy the sights, and helps Disney promote the parks

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Is Mapping Out Cities According To Accessibility

Google Maps has added details to help people find wheelchair-accessible routes in several major cities around the world

Automotive Take A Ride With Mario On Your Next Google Maps Trip

Google Maps' latest update lets the gaming mascot accompany you on your trip

Advertising Two Dogs Filmed A Google Street View To Promote Tourism In A Japanese City

In Odate, the birthplace of the Akita dog breed, Google used two Akitas and 360-degree cameras to show off the scenery

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Maps Alerts Bus Riders So They Don't Miss Their Stop

A new update to the Google Maps app provides real-time notifications so you know when to get off public transit

Syndicated Why Google Maps Needs To Evolve For Cyclists

Cyclists don’t just want the fastest route—they want the safest or quietest

Design Google Maps Can Now Tell You The Best Time Of Day To Travel To Your Destination

By allowing users to know when the best time to travel is, Google Maps will help Android better plan their travel

Technology Google Turns Art Searches Into Digital Gallery Experiences

The search engine has made museums around the world available digitally for users to view and learn about art

Design This Kickstarter Campaign Is 3D Printing Tokyo In 100 Pieces

The project aims to create a scaled version of Japan's largest city

Technology Visit More Than 2,500 Museums From Your Laptop With Google

Google Arts & Culture has helped to make thousands of museums accessible through the internet for art-lovers worldwide

Design Cycling Navigation Device Lets Cyclists Avoid Red Lights

Clip it between the handlebars and rock your morning commute

Automotive Samsung's New Car Dashboard Display Responds To Hand Gestures

Navdy attaches to the front of a driver's vehicle to give them location updates and notifications without looking away from the road