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Features Interview: How K Health Uses Data To Help Patients Find The Right Medical Treatment

With primary care app K Health, founder Allon Bloch hopes to help fix healthcare from the outside by connecting consumers and collecting data

Brand Activation & Immersion Guests Of The Standard Hotel Can Convene In A Virtual Lobby

In a time when brands like Airbnb are redefining hospitality, The Standard is playing to its strengths by offering customers a virtual, app-based lobby to encourage spontaneous connection between guests

Entertainment How AI Is Enabling Streaming Services To Personalize Customers' Mixes

Streaming services are changing the way consumers listen to music and enhancing their discovery process by providing a data-driven, customized experience

Merchandising & Curation Amazon's Online Streaming Service For Kids Comes To The Apple Store

Amazon FreeTime is a fun and educational app filled with family-friendly content from brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids and more, now available from Apple

Automotive Volvo-Google Sync May Kickstart In-Car Services Revolution

Thousands of automotive apps may emerge after new partnership agreed

Fashion & Apparel Zara Shoppers Can Now Buy Through An AR App

Customers can point their phones at designated spots in-store and online to activate augmented reality views of models sporting Zara products, and click through to buy

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Chatbot Teaches People The Basics Of Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency

Ben can help users understand the basics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while providing updates on industry news

Wellness Algorithm Helps Couples Improve Their Love Life

iHeartUs claims to strengthen relationships with its proprietary 'love language' algorithm

Advertising A Brewery In Wales Created Its Own Mobile Game

Tiny Rebel released a mobile app for players to partake in a virtual brewing journey

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Air Travel Service Lets Flyers Bid On Cheap, Last-Minute Unsold Seats

Travelers can access deeply discounted flights by bidding on unsold seats 24 hours before take-off

Interview Interview: Tech Expert On His Visit To The New Amazon Go Store

PSFK talks to retail innovation expert Flynn Joffray about his experience at the Amazon Go store on opening day

Advertising Facebook Launches Suite of Tools for Content Creators

The social media platform now wants to help online stars create better content

Technology Create Live Performances Anywhere Anytime With AR

A music app called Firstage creates a new way for new musicians to reach listeners while also helping the artists financially

Home Try Out Plants In Augmented Reality Before Buying

Augmented reality application Plant Life Balance is using AR to make it easier for people to decide which plants are right for their home