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Advertising Stockholm Commuters See Billboards Personalized To Their Emotions

Pioneered by Clear Channel, Stockholm Metro's digital billboards will analyze consumer data to display art based on their current emotion

Analysis Interview: How A DTC Personal Care Brand Customizes The Future Of Men's Beauty

PSFK speaks to the founders of men's beauty retailer Hawthorne to understand the strategy behind a consumer-centric brand designing personal care experiences that appeal to male consumers

Entertainment Google Assistant Can Give You The Latest Olympics Updates

USA TODAY is partnering with Google for the 2018 Winter Olympics, offering exclusive content on Google Assistant

Packaging & Product Engagement Op-Ed: Understanding What Consumers Want Without Ever Asking Them

With Coca-Cola launching four new flavors of Diet Coke, Black Swan Chief Strategy Officer Hugo Amos examines the power of social listening in brand strategy

Cafe & Restaurant Google Displays Wait Times For Restaurants In Search And Maps

Google's newest update will let users know how long they may have to wait at a restaurant to get a table

Delivery & Logistics How Small Will Beat Big And Save The Fashion Industry

Lawrence Lenihan, Resonance co-CEO and co-founder, discusses the company's "Full Stack Fashion" approach where they operate in real time to deliver fashion garments on-demand

Design Why Google Is Radically Changing Its Homepage For The First Time Since 1996

The search company will integrate its app-based feed of news, events, sports and interest-based topics into the page in the near future

Health This Smart Pharmacy That Is Your Doctor, Nutritionist & Search Engine All In One

In our latest Future of Health report, Pillo cofounder and CEO Emanuele Musini told us about their AI bot that is rescuing people from painfully long pharmacy wait lines

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Is Trying To Bridge The Language Gap For Travelers

A new feature will eliminate the need for using Google Translate or a phrasebook to read reviews in a foreign language

Interview How Alexa Is Making The Workplace Better

Pandera Systems is a startup leveraging voice interfaces to restructure the flow of data for better workflow

Fitness & Sport Book Your Next Workout With A Simple Google Search

If you're looking to try some new fitness trends or just find a good calorie-burning class, Google's new feature can help you find and book a session all from the same page

Features Google Introduces New Search And Map Features

The service provides real-time info on how crowded stores are and how long people spend there

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How Google Is Gearing Up To Be Your Travel Agent

Google Trips gathers search data to be an all-in-one travel companion

Advertising Confession Devices Mirror Our Google Search Autocompleted Yearnings

A British artist explores the ways we let off steam online through touch devices