google street view

Design AI Turns Google Street View Into A Professional Photographer

Engineers at Google used machine learning to create stunning landscape photos

Advertising Explore The International Space Station On Google Street View

Check out astronauts' sleeping quarters and see where their space suits are stored

Technology Google Turns Art Searches Into Digital Gallery Experiences

The search engine has made museums around the world available digitally for users to view and learn about art

Technology AI Can Help You Choose The Best Place To Move To

Using an algorithm, Teleport uses images of a city and cross-references a person's preferences to determine if they would like to live there

Gaming & Play Fly Around The Globe With Google Earth Virtual Reality

Google Earth VR brings the entire world to the living room with an HTC Vive on Steam

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Visit Your Hotel Virtually Before Booking A Trip

Check out your room before you check in to the hotel

Luxury Google May Let Companies Put Ads In Street View

Street View might look different due to the use of advertisements near images of landmarks and streets

Design Google Street View Gets LEGO-ized

Brick Street View is a Google Map hack that layers the world's favorite play thing onto your destination

Advertising Scandinavian Airlines Lets Customers Tour Cabins Using Google Street View

As part of its progressive marketing strategy, SAS allows customers to explore planes before booking

Work Ordinary People in Germany and Brazil Take on Google Street View

User-generated Google Street View lets people navigate cities and paths from a local's perspective

Luxury Experience Google Street View with Stereophonic Sound

Send your eyes and ears on holiday with a 3D soundscape in Google Maps

Technology Strange Google Street View Robot Selfies Are Captured on a Tumblr

It was only a matter of time until the droid actually started caring about its self-image.

Work Google Immortalizes Street Art In Online Gallery

Internet giant's Google Street Art Project uses Street View stills to preserve what otherwise over time fades away.

Home Google Street View Now Acts As A Digital Time Machine

Street-level mapping now lets users go back in time to see how cities, neighbourhoods and tourist attractions have changed since 2007.