Google Translate

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Translate's New Update Provides Instant Japanese To English Translations

The app uses AR to immediately convert text by pointing your phone at it

Advertising Google Translate And Culture Come Together With #EveryoneSpeaksFood Pop-Up

The tech firm partnered with production company m ss ng p eces to celebrate the 'universal language' of eating

Technology The Only Way To Get Out Of This Room Is With Google Apps

Première Pièce escape room challenge requires the help of digital apps to solve

Work Your Wrist is Now a Master Translator

Featuring 44 of Google's 90 browser languages, Google Translate for Android Wear bridges the language divide for travelers

Home Google Translate and Wikipedia Fused into Geo-Linguistic Map

Interactive platform lets users learn about history and pronunciation of spoken word across Earth's terrain

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Wants to Help Travelers Sound More Like Locals

Tech giant wins patent that teaches people correct pronunciation of trickiest cities to articulate

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Samsung to reveal curved screen display, new Burger King fries less fatty and world's biggest incubator to launch in Paris.

Design Wall Of Handpainted Bricks Displays Google-Translated Phrases [Pics]

Shu Yong’s installation for the Venice Biennale is a wall of transparent bricks that reflects on the “Googlization” of modern-day culture.

Design Google Translate Used To Recreate Poems From Various Languages

Literature is translated several times which creates new meanings and forms with a broken telephone effect.

Technology Second Screen App Provides Real-Time Subtitles For Brazilian TV

The Easy Way Language Center combined closed captioning technology with Google Translate to help those who don't speak Portuguese.

Advertising Google's Search Mash-Up: What Do You Love?

Google presents a new search engine that aggregates information about the stuff you love into a graphically interesting interface.