GPS tracking

Advertising Phone Company Lets People Add Their Pets To Family Plans

Swedish mobile provider Telenor launched a humorous campaign to advertise a dog-tracking GPS option for family plans

Automotive Amazon Launches A Data Center Built On A Semi Truck

The Snowmobile is a state-of-the-art, military grade data center on wheels

Automotive These Bikes Use GPS And Mobile Data To Create A Better Sharing Network

Mobike is a purpose-built cycle set to be implemented in Singapore as a transportation supplement in 2017

Technology GPS-Tracking Bullets Help Cops Keep Tabs On Renegade Cars

The Starchase system allows police to attach a tracker to a car they're chasing.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel GPS Water Bottle Holder Helps Track Down Stolen Bikes

BikeSpike tracks the location of a bicycle and shares that information with local law enforcement.

Design RFID-Blocking Privacy Control Handbag For Smartphones

MIAmobi's range of 'SilentPockets' take your mobile device off the grid, preventing electromagnetic transmissions.

Advertising Nike Hosts High-Tech Treasure Hunt In Vienna [Video]

For "Catch the Flash", participants had to track runners and photograph them.

Art Meets Exercise With 'Figurerunning'

Create images by tracking the route of a pre-planned run, then take a screenshot of your finished masterpiece on your smartphone route planner.