Graffiti Research Lab

Design Graffiti Printer Uses Arduino And Seven Mounted Spray Cans [Video]

The Graffiti Research Lab in France creates a DIY device that can be programmed to spray a specific sentence.

Technology SPEED Show: Net.Art With A Pop-Up Mentality

Guerilla tactics help spread Internet-based artworks outside of normal digital channels.

Advertising Google Maps Offers Curatorial Solution For The Street Art Experience

Gaia, a Baltimore street artist has used Google Maps to create an archive of all his work.

Work (Books) Urban Interventions: Public Art In A Post-Graffiti World

Die Gestalten's book explores the world of public art.

Design The Whimsical WordPress Experiment

Evan Roth and Matt Mullenweg collaborate to humanize and celebrate the act of publishing on WordPress.

Innovation When Artist Meets Programmer: A Talk With Lauren Cornell and Kristin Lucas

PSFK speaks with curator Lauren Cornell and artist Kristin Lucas about Rhizome's upcoming Seven on Seven event.

Innovation Eyewriter: An Artistic Tool For Individuals With ALS

The collaborative efforts of the Graffiti Research Lab, Free Art+ Technology, Open Frameworks, and The Ebeling Group- organizations specializing in various aspects of open source computing, creativity and production- created the EyeWriter - a low cost software/eye-tracking tool that allows those paralyzed from ALS to write using only their eyes.