Design PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

A table that doubles as a playground for cats, vegetable flavored ice cream, and a parking sign makeover.

Design Analog Toys Get A Second Life As Artistic Robots [Videos]

Echo Yang gives a group of forgotten objects an art career of their own.

Advertising Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]

DOT DOT DOT lets people control a dance routine with their fingertips.

Advertising Rolling Stones Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary With 50 New Logos [Pics]

The iconic 'tongue' image is given a makeover by fifty designers.

Design Photo Series Depicts Real Cities Floating In The Sky [Pics]

Reinhard Krug's surreal photoscape pictures some of the worlds largest cities as floating islands.

Innovation Connect The Dots Image Maps Obama's Successfully Completed Goals [Pics]

An interesting poster that shows what still needs to be done by the elected president .

Syndicated Every Hurricane Visualized Since 1851

A glowing, pulsating map shows the path of 161 years of hurricanes.

Technology Is Data Journalism The New Punk Rock?

Using the British Punk Rock Band Sideburns' 1977 chart as a guide, Simon Rogers asks, 'do you need to be part of a major news operation or work for a big media company to be a data journalist, or can anyone do it?'

Advertising Tokyo Bike Store Commissions Six Artists To Customize Their Minimalistic Bicycles [Pics]

Tokyo Bike collaborated with global designers to decorate their own rides for the opening of the brand's London store.

Technology 'Black Swan' Director's Hard-Hitting Anti-Meth Ads [Video]

Darren Aronofsky's four PSAs for The Meth Project tackle the downward spiral of addiction.

Design Comic Store Takes In Used Graphic Novels To Start A Community Library

Mission Comics and Art in San Francisco has come up with a way for its community to share graphic novels.

Design Poster Design Inspiration From Around The World

Typo/Graphic Posters has relaunched its collection of typographic and graphic posters, curated from over 300 designers and agencies globally.

Aakash Nihalani Tapes New York City

Several colorful new tape art pieces by Aakash Nihalani have recently appeared on the streets of New York City, making for playful visual grids that brighten the urban landscape.