graphic design

Cafe & Restaurant The Cafe Gets A Silicon Valley Makeover At Pinterest

Legendary graphic designer Susan Kare used her expertise in computer icons to brand a coffee shop at Pinterest's San Francisco headquarters

Design This Font Is Inspired By Bill Gates's Hacker Past

Designed by Paw Poulson, the "Bill" typeface uses leetspeak to encrypt messages

Design Short-Lived Project Made Fonts From The Writing Of Musical Greats

Songwriters Fonts created five typefaces based on the handwriting of musical legends, including John Lennon, David Bowie and Kurt Cobain

Advertising Shutterstock Redesigns Oscar Movie Posters As Pop Art

Shutterstock paid homage to 10 artists with reimagined posters for this year's Oscar-nominated movies

Work LA's Badly Designed Ad For A Graphic Designer Gets A Huge Response

The job posting received hundreds of responses, with Twitter users submitting other regrettable designs and memes as "resumes"

Entertainment Netflix Is Personalizing Graphic Design To Individual Viewers

Netflix announced how their algorithm changes artwork based on a viewer's preferences from the past

Technology You Can Touch A Hologram On This Interactive Display

The HoloPlayer One allows users to create and manipulate 3D digital images without wearing headgear

Technology Using Design To Help People Put Together Better Presentation Decks

Drawing inspiration from Slack, a new app makes it easy to collaborate on beautiful presentation decks

Delivery & Logistics Magazine Creates 8,000 Unique Covers For One Issue

Eye magazine collaborated with MuirMcNeil to design 8,000 individual cover designs for its 94th issue

Advertising Interactive Font Map Built Using The Power Of AI

A map crated by IDEO allows designers to explore relations between fonts

Italian Graphic Designers Celebrated In Online Museum

The digital archive aims to attract attention to some of the country's overlooked artists

Home Benjamin Moore's Room-Size Stop-Motion Animation Demonstrates The Beauty Of Paint

The project was created for the brand to showcase their new soft touch matte paint

Work Tool Helps Designers Refuse Low Payment For Their Work

Graphic designer Jessica Hische created the email add-on to help people negotiate better pay in the industry

Design Pentagram Designer Makes A Composition Notebook For The 21st Century

Aron Fay has redesigned the classic journal with the finest printing and binding