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Lowe's Innovation Labs uses comic books to describe new products it has in its stores

Design iTunes' 20,000-Word Terms And Conditions Turned Into A Satirical Graphic Novel

Comic artist Robert Sikoryak managed to make the dense text not only readable, but also immensely enjoyable

Advertising Using Modern Storytelling To Promote A Classic Product

Eyewear brand Persol launched an interactive graphic novel, letting fans decide what happens in story

Home Comic Book Proposes a Vertical Farm in NYC

An architecture firm took a graphic route in this MetLife building proposal

Work How Will Technology Change the Novel?

A symposium at the New School brings together novelist-technologists

Chilling Graphic Novel Unfolds Exclusively on Instagram

Jose Cuervo Cinge, a cinnamon-infused tequilla, has introduced a 'hilariously terrifying tale' in time for Halloween

Gaming & Play PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

An interactive graphic novel, a game featuring popcorn smell-o-vision, and more.

Technology Magazine Elevates Erotica To Lifestyle Content

How do you create a porn publication for women?

Innovation WikiLeaks Court Case Transformed Into A Comic Book [Pics]

Artist and activist Clark Stoeckley is creating a graphic account of Private First Class Bradley Manning's trial.

Advertising Creating Participatory Narratives In Advertising

Razorfish exec talks to PSFK on the audience-driven AXE Anarchy campaign [partner supported]

Innovation Top Chef Anthony Bourdain Creates Food-Inspired Graphic Novel

'Get Jiro!', introduced at Comic Con, is a culinary satire about a sushi chef, with undercurrents that hint at America’s obsession with food.

Luxury Why The Graphic Novel Will Save Business Journalism

PSFK chats with the author of The Zen of Steve Jobs on how even journalism needs to innovate to stay relevant.

Technology Graphic Novel Imagines How Buddhism Influenced Steve Jobs' Design Ethos

Forbes and JESS3 capture Jobs' "lost years" in a graphic novel by Caleb Melby.

Home 'Yellowman' Graphic Novel Twists Science And Magic In Victorian London

Dark and mysterious, a new top-hat thriller takes us back to steam power, carriages, and magic.