Green Technology

Innovation Device Converts Running Mileage Into Harvestable Energy

Kinetic energy collected from your body can power your iPhone for more than 6 hours.

Design Electric Car Chargers Disguised As Manholes Come To NYC

New technology transmits energy wirelessly, reducing costs and space needed for future charging stations.

Advertising BMW Sustainable Olympics Pavilion Is Built On Top Of A Waterfall

The high-end car manufacturer showcases its commitment to green technology through the architecture at the London 2012 Olympics.

Retail San Francisco Will Stop Buying Mac Products [Headlines]

When Apple dropped the green certification from all of its computers, the city dropped Apple.

Home Springwise: Beat Your Friends At Being Green With Carbon Footprint App

New software makes reducing and monitoring consumption fun and easy.

Luxury Google Invest $94 Million In Solar Energy [Headlines]

The search giant has contributed to four separate photovoltaic projects to help power plants contribute solar energy to the grid.

Technology Solar Powered Battery Charger Tweets Your Energy Savings

The Changers Solar Starter measures how much energy it has stored and created and shares that information with your followers to help motivate people to be environmentally conscious.

Work Drivers Hook Up Electric Vehicles To Power Grid To Earn Money

Green technology company NRG Energy and the University of Delawarehave created a system to take charge from EVs to even out the power grid.

Advertising Get Your Caffeine Kick From Çurface Furniture

Çurface tables and chairs smell like coffee because they are made from a material that is 30% coffee grounds.

Design Clay-Infused Hydrogels Bring Plastic Alternatives Closer To Mainstream Use

Scientists at the University of Tokyo may have uncovered a way to make use of hydrogels as a suitable replacement for plastic.

Design New Type Of Glass Cleans Polluted Water

Researchers at The College of Wooster in Ohio have developed a new kind of sponge-like glass that can be used to clean polluted water.