Advertising Seven On Seven 2011: Art Meets Technology

PSFK readers can use a special discount code for this year's event.

Graffiti Moves Into DIY Audio Electronics [Video]

What do the changes in graffiti say about us culturally?

(Video) DIY Graffiti Analysis LED Spray Can

How can digitization immortalize transient street art?

Technology Creative Commons Licensed Money

Artist Seiji Ueoka's artwork blurs the relationship between copyright laws and ownership.

Technology Google Alarm Looks To Make Data Mining A More Transparent Experience

Media artist Jamie Dubs questions privacy in the age of shared information with a new plug-in.

Design When Artist Meets Programmer: A Talk With Lauren Cornell and Kristin Lucas

PSFK speaks with curator Lauren Cornell and artist Kristin Lucas about Rhizome's upcoming Seven on Seven event.

Design The Hello Wall: Twitter Controlled Public Art

Wasted Spaces offers a public art installation that moves beyond the physical domain to the virtual one.

Innovation Automated Calligraphy: A Remote Controlled Graffiti Robot

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory has created a robotic tool for graffiti artists.

Technology Graffiti Analysis 2.0

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 takes live tags and drawings and transforms them into active 3D animations. Even Roth's project was demonstrated recently at the BLK River Festival in Vienna.