guerilla gardening

Design Starbucks Guerilla Gardening Concept Could Make The Brand Even More Ubiquitous [Pics]

Coffee shop's endless reach could be used to do some social good.

Design Secret Gardening Movement Uses Plants As Nature’s Graffiti

Guerilla landscapers plant illegally on abandoned or neglected property and create green spaces in unlikely places.

Pothole Gardener Creates Miniature Green Spaces On London's Busy Streets

Steve Wheen highlights the state of the roads and makes people appreciate little areas of greenery.

Advertising In "The War On Terra," Seedboms Ensure Victory

This flower bomb is made from 100% recycled and organic materials.

Innovation Guerrilla Gardening Grows Up

The Londonist checks in with Richard Reynolds, the man credited with planting the seeds for the guerrilla gardening movement, during a recent tour of some of his handiwork that had been arranged by the Museum of London.