guerilla marketing

Advertising Sticker Campaign Lets Anyone Give Advertisements A Rating

The project gives people the power to score billboard ads on a scale of 1 to 5

Work Billboard Hides Itself from Russian Authorities

To work around the Russian embargo of Western foods, this Italian grocery store in Moscow commissioned a clever ad solution

Design Snickers Campaign Draws Attention to NYC Design Flaws

The chocolate bar brand extends campaign by identifying urban design mistakes throughout New York City

Advertising Coca-Cola Can Splits In Half For Easy Sharing [Video]

The soft drink company comes up with another new way to make drinking a soda a social activity.

Design London Street Turned Into Real-Life Video Game Set

The famous Brick Lane hosted a guerilla-marketing stunt by Disney to promote their new film Wreck-It Ralph.

Home Dos Equis Programs Holiday Lights To 'Play' Their Theme Song

The beer brand teamed up with a family in Texas to put on the ‘Most Interesting Light Show in the World.’

Advertising 'Magic' Phone Booth Lets Children Talk With Santa

Brazilian telecom company sets up a phone line to the 'North Pole' for the holidays.

Advertising Honest Tea Campaign Stimulates Sales Growth, Brand Awareness, And Honesty

A series of unmanned pop-up shops relied on the honor system which stimulated record sales growth, created a new customer base, and promoted honesty.

Advertising IKEA Upgrades Parisian Bus Stops For The Holidays

Till December 21st, the Swedish brand has transformed 12 bus shelters into tiny lounges centered around one of their sofas.

Home $73,000 Bar Tab Makes Customers Think Twice About Drunk Driving

How do you make people aware of driving drunk when they don't think it's a big deal?