Design Can't Sleep On Flights? Now You Can With A Leg Hammock

To make flying easier, Fly Legs Up gives travelers more leg room in their already cramped seats

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Head Hammock Promises The Best Sleep You'll Ever Get While Traveling

NodPod holds your neck and back perpendicular, hopefully putting an end to sleepless and uncomfortable journeys

Design The Hammock Bath Tub: A Suspended Alternative to Soak In

Enjoy a long hot dip with your loved one while floating on air

Design Hammock Tent Protects Sleepers From Rain And Insects

The Nubé shelter is a comfortable nook to relax, and store gear for a more pleasant outdoor living experience.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Flat Back Hammock Bed Offers Sleepers More Support

A hammock that's good for your spinal alignment, and convenient to take on your next camping trip

Design Bathtub Hammock Hangs From The Wall [Pics]

Splinter Works' design is made out of carbon fiber and designed to be suspended for a more relaxing bathing experience.

Design Backpackers Tents Hang From Trees Like Hammocks

'Tentsile' is a shelter in an elevated position that connects to surrounding trees at three points.

Home Modern Home Features Lounging Hammock Suspended Over The Stairs [Pics]

Architects utilize apartment space with an hovering netted area.

Design Yoga Chair Gives Users A Workout Then Transforms Into Relaxing Hammock [Pics]

The Zen Circus is inspired by antigravity exercise, allowing for stretching exercises and muscle toning as well as rest.

Retail (Pic) Japanese Hammock Cafe

Nick Currie points us to a rather interesting cafe concept.