hand drawn

Advertising Electricity Company Creates Their Brochure Completely Off The Grid [Video]

Leo Burnett Lisboa created a brochure for EDP's campaign using techniques that don’t rely on electricity.

Design Animation App Turns Sketches Into GIFs

Creating short animations from hand-drawn images just got a lot easier.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Map Of Manhattan Constructed From Strangers’ Directions

Japanese artist poses as a tourist to collect a hand-drawn version of New York.

Home Disney's Oscar-Nominated Short Is A Hybrid Of Hand-Drawn & Computer-Generated Imagery [Video]

The 6 and a half minute animation 'Paperman', which was created using new software called Meander, has been released online.

Hand-Drawn Flipbook Version Of Gangnam Style [Video]

YouTube user Etoilec1 takes the record-breaking music video to a more artistic level by drawing every frame.

Video Hand-Drawn Animations Made With Ink, Coffee & White-Out [Video]

Jake Fried creates his videos by layering hundreds of illustrations on top of one another.

Technology Computer Algorithm Generates ‘Hand Drawn’ Faces

Media artist Matthias Dörfelt's 'Weird Faces Study' features random cartoon-ish faces that look like the same person illustrated them.

Design Animated Film Features 60 Individually Painted Absolut Bottles [Video]

Hand-drawn on by Yue Wu, the refuse glass was then filmed them in sequence to create the movie.

Technology Interactive Installation Adds People Into A Comic Strip In Real-Time [Video]

Digital project incorporates faces as hand-drawn illustration into a unique story line.

Design (Pics) Reviving The Hand-Sketched Napkin Map

A mapping service offers a more human user interface.

Advertising (Video) Magazine Drawn Entirely with BIC Pens

TBWA Uruguay recently produced an issue of Freeway Magazine in which all the pages were redone using only BIC Pens.