Design Dior Is Collaborating With Artists For New Takes On Its Iconic Handbag

The fashion brand commissioned 10 artists to redesign the Lady Dior bag with their work

Fashion & Apparel This Handbag Has A Secret Latch For Dispensing Wine

The PortoVino wine purse doubles as a drink dispenser

Retail Ward Off Handbag Thieves With A Dye Detonator

The Handbag Dyetonator covers the criminal in an obvious dye the owner can detonate from their phone

Food & Beverage Line Of Teabags Made To Look Like Actual Handbags

Hälssen & Lyon's new collection features special teabags designed to look like fashionable purses

Advertising Voye Clutch is a Purse Reinvented to House Your iPhone

This Kickstarter project incorporates iPhones into the purse design, so that wearers never have to dig around through their handbags again

Innovation Reflective Biker Bags Made From Construction Vests

To improve cyclist and pedestrian safety, Sputnik Zurich has designed a fashionable line of high visibility carry-alls.

Design Eye-Catching Purses Made Of LEGOs

An elegant handbag made from children's toy building blocks.

Design Upcycled Handbag Quickly Turns Into A Front Bike Basket [Video]

Bag made from recycled materials can easily be attached to bicycle handlebars.

Advertising Coach Designs Wallets Made Of Vintage Baseball Gloves

The high-end handbag brand returns to its original inspiration for a limited-edition men's collection.

Design Raincoat Quickly Converts Into A Shopping Bag [Pics]

Waterproof poncho that turns into a dry handbag within seconds.

Advertising Kellogg's Launches A Limited Edition Designer Bag With Snack Bar Pocket

Special K partners with Australian designer to create bespoke handbag.

Design RFID-Blocking Privacy Control Handbag For Smartphones

MIAmobi's range of 'SilentPockets' take your mobile device off the grid, preventing electromagnetic transmissions.

Luxury Artists Re-Style The Iconic Lady Dior Bag [Pics]

A new exhibition in China features over 50 pieces including photographs, sculptures and artworks that pay tribute to the ubiquitous French fashion must-have.