Entertainment Hear, See, Smell And Feel The Music At XIX Collective

A four-dimensional dome in Long Island City offers busy New Yorkers an intimate concert-going experience that stimulates every sense using high-tech integrations

Interview This Company Is Trying To Bring Touch To The Digital World

Immersion is a company developing haptic technology that can be integrated with phones in features such as text, email and gaming

Oculus Is Working On VR You Can Feel

The technology company's next project will fool more than just the eyes and ears

Advertising 'Homeland' Bomb-Simulating Advertisement is So Powerful You Can Feel It

Phone ad simulates bomb explosion, introduces haptic technology to mobile advertising

Syndicated Springwise: Haptic Vest Guides Wearers Through Low Visibility Environments

Using tech inspired by bats, this vest detects 360 degrees around the wearer and warns of obstacles with touch.

Technology Vibrating Steering Wheel Keeps Drivers On The Road

Haptic feedback could guide drivers blinded by bright light on the road with tactile cues.

Gaming & Play Intel IQ: New Touch Technology Blends The Line Between Physical And Virtual

With Disney’s new Revel technology, any object can take on the texture of any other object.

Design Nokia Designs Tattoo That Vibrates When Someone Calls You

The telecommunications company invents a special magnetic ink that can vibrate based on commands from a smartphone.

Technology Tactile Pixels Send Us Towards Sensual Software Interaction

Haptic interaction with technology could take giant leap forward thanks to Senseg's 'tixels.'

Work A Clock To Combat Distractions

A soft clock helps keep people free from the distraction of clock-watching.

Innovation Tactile Timepiece For The Blind

A new watch hopes to bring aesthetic and functional design to an underserved market.

Design Data Sculpture Visualises Climate Change

Mitchell Whitelaw has crafted a long form data scultpure of the last 150 years of Australian Weather Data

Design Vibrating Seat Provides Early Warning For Drivers

Haptic technology indicates approaching cars.

Gaming & Play Haptic Floor Tiles Mimic Different Surface Textures

Scientists have developed an augmented reality floor tiling system that mimics the look and feel of different surfaces.