Fashion & Apparel Shopify's Brick-and-Mortar Hardware Helps Online Retailers Go Physical

As the brick-and-mortar store's importance rises again, Shopify is launching a hardware collection to assist digital natives in opening a physical outpost

Design Desktop Sculpture Brings Tactility To Online Security

THERO is a concept device made to give online encryption a physical presence

Technology DIY Hardware Kit Is Trying To Help People Take The Perfect Selfie

Adafruit has created a device made to give every picture that perfectly even distribution of light it needs

Gaming & Play Gloves Turn Physical Therapy Visits Into Fishing Trips

A hardware-software combo uses gameplay to help patients—young and old—gain or regain muscle control

Home Schlage Brings Us a Step Closer to the Home of the Future

The brand's Connect integrates locks and door hardware with your other home automation options

Technology Tiny Anonabox Draws Support, Criticism, $600,000

The mini-router, which may provide easier access to online anonymity, has caused a gigantic splash

Innovation Internet of Things DIY Electronics Kit for Beginners, Experts Alike

SAM targets inventors, artists and students of all experience levels

Advertising 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Hurricane Sandy downs HuffPo, Gawker and Buzzfeed, Apple shakes up their executives & Disney buys Lucas film.... Links to start your day with.

Work How Will Vimeo's Perks Program Enhance Its Brand?

PSFK chats with Vimeo's VP of Creative Development Blake Whitman on the value of membership.

Video Steve Clayton: A Tour Of Microsoft’s Model Shop [Video]

Watch the full range of hardware prototyping that is done at the Microsoft Campus, from simple hand carved models to 3D printed objects.

Technology DIY Radiation Detectors [Video]

DIY radiation detectors may reflect people taking safety into their own hands rather than relying on the government for information.

Design DIY STI Diagnostics From the Privacy of Your iPhone

Researchers in London develop a DIY STI test that you can use through your iPhone.

Design Video Inspiration: PSFK Spends 30 Seconds With Bug Labs

PSFK recently met up with Peter Semmelhack, CEO and founder of Bug Labs, to talk about re-approaching hardware as a personalized and open source system that can revolutionize the way we build the things we imagine.

Design (Pic) PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain

Boing Boing points us to an innovative drain pipe that should make cleaning and trouble-shooting much easier.