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Design The Harry Potter Universe Is Coming To Life In AR

Niantic officially announces they will start developing an augmented reality game centered around the Harry Potter universe

Advertising 4 Projects Bringing Entertainment Across Platforms

PSFK takes a look at some recent ways the entertainment industry has expanded its reach, from Stranger Things design to Harry Potter gaming

Entertainment Google Turns Your Phone Into A Magic Wand To Promote Harry Potter Movie

The tech giant has integrated new voice commands for Android users where they can cast spells that activate features on their mobile devices

Home Make Your Own DIY Invisibility Cloak for Under $100

You only need 4 lenses and some patience to recreate the University of Rochester's invisibility cloak

Gaming & Play Sweden Uses New Rating System To Screen For Sexist Films

The Bechdel Test assesses gender bias by measuring the presence of strong female roles.

Design Mock Ice Cream Flavors Inspired By Well-Known Novels [Pics]

Philadelphia book publisher Quirk Books imagined a series modeled after the Ben & Jerry’s design.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Street View Maps The Fictional Locations Of Harry Potter

The oddities and magic of the Diagon Alley set at Warner Brothers Studio in London is now available for all to see.

Retail Hunger Games Beats Out Harry Potter As Amazon's Best-Selling Series [Headlines]

The post-apocalyptic series has taken the country and the retailer by storm.

Innovation Learn How To Cast Spells Like Harry Potter With PlayStation's Wonderbook

The interactive book uses augmented reality and the brand's Move technology to bring stories to life before your eyes.

Syndicated 3 Million Virtual Students Enroll At Hogwarts Through Pottermore

In just two weeks, the new interactive site has attracted more than 1 billion page impressions from 7 million unique visitors; almost 1/2 of the visitors have 'enrolled' as pupils.

Syndicated Is JK Rowling Really Writing An Adult Novel?

'The Casual Vacancy' – whose title has been revealed for the first time – will be a black comedy about 'a town at war.'

Technology Pottermore Sells Over $1.5m Worth Of Harry Potter E-Books In 3 days [Headlines]

The online portal logged record-breaking revenue of the sale of the electronic version of the popular stories.

Work Summer Movie Attendance Continues To Erode [Headlines]

Despite the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2, summer movie attendance was at its lowest since 1997 this year.

Technology Google Teams Up With J.K. Rowling's Pottermore

Google eBooks, Google Checkout and YouTube will benefit from the deal and put yet another multimedia feather in their hat.