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Advertising 7 Stories You Need To Know Today

An Improv Everywhere stunt with the Guggenheim, Zuckerberg makes announcement on Facebook stocks and Apple confirms an event next week... Links you need to start your day with.

Advertising How Far Can Brand Personas Evolve? [Headlines]

From cartoon mascots to full-fledged personalities, how far can brands go in creating their real-world counter-part?

Work Family Can Provide Valuable Lessons On Collaboration

The CEO of The Energy Project talks about the valuable life lessons he has learned from his daughters.

Work Optimism: The Cure For The Recession

A return to optimism and a general boost in confidence is what will solidify our burgeoning economic recovery.

Design Childhood-Inspired Innovation

What crayons, finger painting, construction paper and sketching can teach us about creativity and innovation.

Innovation Keys To Creating Change

Tony Schwartz of The Energy Project offers us six keys to facilitate change in almost any situation.

Technology Creating And Transforming A Meaning Organization

What can truly innovative organizations of the information age learn from the 'fails' experienced by the casualties and causes of the industrial age's deepest recession?

Luxury Why Skills Matter More Than Higher Educational Credentials

Author and innovation expert Michael Schrage argues that companies are increasingly looking for practical competence.

Home Value, Gift Glutting And The Future Of Facebook

Has the platform fallen to the very expectation it has sought out to provide?

Retail The Betterness Movement

Kristina Loring of Design Mind speaks with Umair Haque of Havas Media Lab to investigate doing meaningful work in today's corporate culture.