Advertising NYRIW Preview: Creative Agency On Helping Brands Sony, Hershey's, CVS, J&J And More Create Media That Captures Consumer Attention

Ahead of speaking at the Retail Tech Strategies for 2019 panel at NYRIW, UM Worldwide EVP and global chief innovation officer, Chad Stoller, shares insights on how DTC brands have cornered the market on consumers' attention by capturing it at its source—on social media—and how other brands can take a page from their book to compete in a digitally and socially driven landscape

Analysis Interview: Aaron Levant's NTWRK Uses Shoppable Video Content To Connect With A New Generation Of Consumers

With shoppable programming dedicated to gaming, music, sports, and more, Aaron Levant hopes NTWRK can become a kind of QVC concept for Generation Z

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Westworld Fans Can Test Their Knowledge With Alexa-Based Story Game

Now fans of the show can ask Alexa to play the voice-activated, choose-your-own-adventure game, including over two hours of play that rack players' brains with riddles and challenges, ultimately leading them to the center of the maze

Entertainment Hang With The Gang From 'Silicon Valley' In HBO's New VR App

The television network created a new virtual reality experience as a way to promote the fifth season of its hit show and join the VR bandwagon

Delivery & Logistics HBO Delivers Free Pizza By Drone To 'Silicon Valley' Fans

The television network promoted the show's new season by dispatching drones to deliver free pies to dedicated viewers

Brand Activation & Immersion 3 Entertainment Activations Immersing Consumers In The World Of Sci-Fi

PSFK takes a look at some of the ways the entertainment industry is hooking us in using elaborate advertising and branding

Advertising Top 5 Brand Activations To Look Out For At SXSW

PSFK highlights our favorite brand activations that we've seen so far, to help SXSW 2018 attendees sort through the noise

Entertainment HBO Is Opening A Real-Life 'Westworld' Theme Park For SXSW

The popular show comes to life this March at Austin's annual film festival and conference

Advertising HBO Turned NYC Steam Vents Into Giant Joints To Promote A Show

HBO placed the props on top of steam vents in New York City to promote the new season of High Maintenance

Packaging & Product Engagement This Upcoming HBO Mini-Series Can Be Explored With An Interactive App

A new show from Steven Soderbergh introduces an iOS app that allows viewers to explore the perspective of each character from the HBO drama

Analysis 4 Entertainment Products Bringing The Show Beyond The Screen

With everything from vegan Star Wars sneakers to Netflix cannabis, the entertainment industry gives us new ways to enjoy our favorite shows and movies

Fitness & Sport You Will Really Need To Run For This Game Of Thrones Marathon Campaign

To promote the new season, fans had to run to watch a marathon

Design IKEA Campaign Lets You Make Your Own Game Of Thrones Cape

The furniture retailer released how-to instructions after it was revealed that the show's costume designer had repurposed IKEA rugs for costumes

Technology Warner Bros And Intel Give The Film ‘Dunkirk’ A VR Treatment

Christopher Nolan’s newest blockbuster receives a VR tie-in to further put the audience in the experience of the film