Analysis How Brands Like Under Armour Are Enabling Responsive Products

From color-changing fabrics to garments that can answer phone calls, apparel retailers are enhancing how consumers interact with their clothing with wearable technology, enabling useful functions and capabilities

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Emirates Offers First-Class Passengers Exclusive Noise-Canceling Headphones

From providing headphones for an extra quiet flight to offering a wider selection of fine wines and even Byredo eye cream, the airliner is focusing on upgrading its first-class amenities

Entertainment Louis Vuitton DJ Trunk Appeals To Millennial Taste For Home Sound Systems

The luxury brand tricked out a version of its classic luggage with high-end speakers and everything else a DJ needs

Technology How Emotion Tracking Provides Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Emotionally sensitive technology allows brands and consumers to analyze responses to products, services and experiences

Cafe & Restaurant Bose Unveiled A Pair Of Connected Augmented Reality Glasses At SXSW

The audio company debuted a model that could revolutionize mobile AR experiences, adding audible layers of information and experiences to daily life.

Technology Microsoft Soundscape Helps Creates 3D Maps For The Visually Impaired

The program uses sound to enable those with impaired vision to better understand and explore their locations

Delivery & Logistics AI-Enabled Smart Headphones Let You Leave Your Phone At Home

The Vinci 2.0 headphones manage calls and tack fitness vitals

Design Bose Sleepbuds Headphones Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better

Barking dogs, loud traffic and snoring sleep partners are no match for these noise-canceling earbuds

Design Google's In-Ear Headphones Can Translate Between 40 Languages In Real Time

Google's new earphones offer hands-free operation with a smart assistant that follows commands and answers questions

Advertising Air France Is Experimenting With VR Glasses For In-Flight Entertainment

Soon the airline will have virtual reality headsets available for passengers

Design Experimental Theater Company Develops Plays To Be Viewed In The Dark

Members of the audience wear headphones and listen to audio that creates a sense of space and movement

Design Bone Conduction Ring Lets You Make Calls With Your Fingers

Orii makes accepting calls far easier by using bone conduction and vibrating through a person's finger

Technology This Earphone Device Can Authenticate The Wearer's Identity

This new type of biometric identification from NEC Corporation provides a way to verify a wearer's identity by their inner ear shape

Wellness Headband Uses Sound To Improve How You Sleep

The Dreem Headband uses special audio programs to change people's habits around sleep