Design Social Earbuds Can Share Music Among Gym Buddies

The Wearhaus Beam headphones enable friends to listen to tunes together effortlessly

Technology Sound-Dampening Earbuds Let You Control Real World Audio Like A Volume Button

Knops work mechanically to reduce real-world noise to very low levels

Health These Headphones Warn Wearers If They Are Close To Causing Hearing Damage

Tech consultancy group Plextek has developed a new device that can be placed in headphones to detect issues with hearing

Entertainment Headphones Create A Unique Sound Profile For Each Listener

Audeara headphones tailor sound specifically to your needs in the same way prescription glasses are catered to your eyes

Advertising Choose A Pair Of Headphones Based On Your Spotify Playlists

AIAIAI created a tool to analyze a person's musical tastes to recommend the ideal product

Retail These Modular Headphones Let You Swap Out All The Parts

AIAIAI's TMA-2 includes 500 different configurations for listeners to personalize their gear

Design Sony Upcycles Wires Into Fashionable Accessories

The swimwear label AURIA worked with the tech company to give old devices a second life

Retail This Is What An 'Anti-Design' Store Looks Like

Danish audio brand AIAIAI has created a minimalist environment in order to spotlight the products

Advertising Celebrity Sweat-Soaked Headphones Inspire Everyday Athletes

Urbanears products carry perspiration of seven talented individuals

Technology These Headphones Adapt Their Sound To Fit Your Unique Hearing Profile

Nura analyzes reverberation of ear canals to calculate personalized listening experiences

Technology The World's First 3D Headphones that Calibrate to Your Head

With three-dimension sound, this startup gives listeners a fully customized, calibrated experience

Gaming & Play These 3D-Molded Headphones Float Above Your Ear

By resting on the bone structure of the skull, these headphones are indeed comfortable

Home 3D Printed Headphones For When You Need DIY Sound

Print+ launched a DIY headphone kit that allows consumers to assemble and customize the product at home

Design A Tree Lives On as Headphones in Brooklyn

The limited edition GH1 by Grado Labs is fashioned from a Brooklyn maple tree