heads-up display

Automotive Modular Device Gives Any Car Augmented Reality Capabilities

Carrobot is a small heads-up-display that assists in driving and could make roads safer

Automotive Heads-Up Display Gives You Gesture Control Over Your Car

New automated technologies could soon replace distracting and error-prone phone-controlled setups

Design Augmented Reality-Like Wearable Streamlines Saving Lives

Thanks to Vivi, a wearable mini-display that exhibits patient vitals, doctors no longer have to focus their attention away when operating

Innovation MIT Turns Any Transparent Surface Into A Display Screen [Video]

Nanoparticles embedded in sheets of plastic could offer a new medium of advertisements in the future.

Technology Navigation System Projects Phone Directions Onto The Windshield

The company has come out with a heads-up display designed to keep drivers looking ahead.

Technology Apple Patents Pop-Up Video Overlay For The Real World

The interactive augmented reality displays would feature an information layer on live video.

Work AR Windshield Brings The Dashboard To Eye Level [Video]

The augmented reality display shows information like the speed and distance of the car in front as well as incoming calls.

Design Digital 'Second Screen' Ski Goggles

The Oakley Airwave snow goggles features a heads-up display for info like your location, speed, incoming calls and more.

Innovation Olympus Releases Their Own Google-Style Wearable Display

The prototype MEG4.0 fits onto standard glasses and projects a 320x240 QVGA display right in front of your eyes.

Technology Interactive Windshield Displays AR Info For Drivers On The Road [Video]

The heads-up display can be installed in a vehicle and features augmented reality-enabled stats, directions, weather, etc.

Technology Heads-Up Display Shows Athletes If They're On The Right Track

The device, which attaches to your sunglasses, uses LEDs and audio feedback to tell you about your performance.

Technology World's First Heads-Up Display eBook Reader

The new application allows users to safely walk and read at the same time.

Technology iPhone App Points To The Future of Augmented Driving

imaGinyze is an application that takes advantage of real-time video recognition to create a simple platform for an augmented driving heads-up display.

Innovation T-OLED Brings Information Displays To Transparent Screens

Korean materials manufacturers NeoView KOLON have been developing a technology dubbed T-OLED, a transparent OLED screen for displaying information.