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Health Health Insurance Company Advises Millennials Through Online Game Show

Health insurance company ahm collaborated with Vice on a show that engages its players and audience on a complicated subject using a mix of comedy and education

Delivery & Logistics Apple Created A 'Technology Enabled' Healthcare Service For Employees

Following Amazon’s lead, the iPhone maker is creating in-house clinics and health services for employees

Work Amazon Wants To Rethink Corporate Healthcare

Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway announced a partnership to establish a new health insurance company for their employees

Advertising Zocdoc Redesigned The Health Insurance Card For Greater Ease Of Use

The application would assist those with health insurance understand the critical details of their coverage

Retail Microinsurance Offers Health Coverage In Exchange For Phone Credit

BIMA has figured out how to give underserved communities access to insurance in a simple way

Health Order A Doctor On Demand Through Your Phone

Heal is an app that promises to deliver a doctor to your home in two hours or less

Design Board a Plane That Can Prevent Jet Lag and Carbon Emissions

The A350 WXB has features that ease jet lag and environmental impact

Technology Google Glass Will Now Be Covered By Health Insurance

VSP and Google have partnered to offer prescription lenses and frames to Glass Explorers.

Advertising Posters Urging Healthy Eating Made Of The Fat From Junk Food

ServicePlan created posters for Barmer Gek health insurance by extracting fat from common food products, like a hot dog and burger, and airbrushing it onto white paper.

Advertising How Would You Feel After Meeting Healthier Version Of Yourself? [Video]

An advertising campaign captures the emotion associated with good health by reuniting two versions the same person who have made different lifestyle decisions after significant time apart.

Retail Pharmacies Bid On Prescriptions To Offer Patients Cheapest Drugs

BidRx is a service provider that enables patients to auction off their prescriptions to pharmacies to get the lowest rate.