hearing impaired

Design Hearing Aid Becomes A Vibrating Bracelet At Night To Keep Wearers Safe

The Hearing Rescue goes around a hearing-impaired person's wrist while they sleep and vibrates the user awake if it detects an alarm going off

Entertainment Wearable Device Lets The Hearing Impaired Feel Music

The Vibeat headphones can convert sound into vibrations for a novel musical experience

Technology Hearing Aids Connect Directly To Your iPhone

The hearing impaired can now enjoy a high-definition and portable audio experience

Design Buy A Bluetooth Speaker, Help Others Hear the Music Again

With each purchase of its speaker, LSTN contributes to the Starkey Hearing Foundation

Technology PSFK’s Trending Topic: How Tech Is Making Life Better For The Blind & Hearing Impaired

Advancements and innovations are helping the visually- and hearing-impaired lead ordinary lives.

Design LED Gloves Performs Sign Language Light Shows For The Deaf

New Zealand design student creates TacitLanguage, a communication aid for low-light environments.

Innovation Kinect-Powered Sign Language Converter Helps The Deaf Converse

Japanese researchers create a new way for normal listeners and the hearing-impaired to communicate.

Design Deaf Magazine Illuminates Sign Language On Its Pages [Pics]

The DEAF MAGAZINE features content on the culture of German sign language, and uses augmented reality to visualize the content.

Technology Telephone Displays Conversations In Real-Time Captions [Video]

Clarity Ensemble provides a live transcript service for all phone calls.

Design Device Can Transmit And Translate Sign Language

An award-winning concept aims to bridge the communication gap between the hearing impaired and able individuals.

Technology Subtitle Glasses Make It Easier For The Hearing Impaired To Go To The Movies

New technology could make going to the movies a more convenient and enjoyable experience for the hearing impaired.

Advertising A Wasabi Fire Alarm For The Hearing Impaired

Japanese researchers have created a device that uses a horseradish vapor as an olfactory alert.