Analysis Interview: How MIRROR Reflects The Future Of Personalized Fitness

PSFK talks to MIRROR founder & CEO, Brynn Putnam, about catering to consumers' need for on-demand, personalized fitness, and how the future of workouts will take place in the home

Features PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Ro's CEO On Democratizing Healthcare Through Telemedicine

Presenting at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference, Ro is a mission-driven healthcare technology company that works with doctors, pharmacists and engineers to provide accessible, affordable, personalized treatment all on its telemedicine platform

Fashion & Apparel How Brands Like Owlet Are Helping Consumers Monitor Their Health With Wearables

Increasing awareness of health and wellness is driving interest among consumers in daily health monitoring, and brands are responding with connected apparel and wearables

Health Google Fit Adds Incentive To Exercisers' Workouts With Points Accumulation

The health platform is debuting two new features designed to motivate users into taking small steps to be more active, providing them with support during their activity

Fitness & Sport Sportswear With Embedded Sensors Makes Wearables Redundant

Emglare is preparing to launch a line of machine-washable activewear embedded with electronics that track the wearer's heart rate

Technology Google AI Predicts Illnesses Just By Looking At Your Eyes

Researchers are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to predict people's cardiovascular risk by scanning their retinas

Automotive Byton Smart SUV Debuts At CES With Biometric Vehicle Controls

The drivable concept car incorporates voice recognition, biometric identification and hand gesture controls

Design A Device Can Monitor The Health Of Elderly Relatives

Using low-power radar, Welbi can track heartbeats and breathing rates

Advertising Crowdsourced Platform Wants You To Help Save Lives With Your Heartbeat

Heart for Heart is an app that's crowdsourcing information on a serious, and often undiagnosed, heart rhythm disorder called AFIB

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Could 3D Printing Solve The Organ Transplant Shortage?

Scientists are racing to make replacement human organs with 3D printers

Health How AI Is Crunching Big Data To Improve Healthcare Outcomes

PSFK's Future of Health looks into all the ways artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare

Design Ear Wearable Improves Your Brain's Health

Brainno measures your brainwaves and provides tailored activities for honing cognitive functions

Health A Medical Social Network Plans To Use AI To Save Lives

Figure 1, a social platform for doctors, will use its latest round of funding to develop an artificial intelligence feature for case comparisons

Fitness & Sport Research Shows How Fitness Trackers Need To Get Smarter To Track Calories

Compared with gold-standard laboratory measurements, scientists found devices were poor at tracking calories burned, but good at monitoring heart rate