Health This Smart Bra From MIT Could Improve Women's Health

A sensor-filled wearable provides real-time feedback on a woman's heart

Home Connected Heart Monitor That's Smaller Than a Credit Card

Tiny in size but big in importance, the MOCAheart keeps your blood pressure in check wherever you are

Design Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A 'heart age' calculator and a device that detects cardiovascular disease from eye scans.

Advertising Google Patent Lets Glass Wearers "Like" Real-Life Objects

Tech giant makes their most futuristic product even more progressive.

Design Hybrid Animal-Human Organs Could Prevent Diseases Before They Occur [Pics]

Body parts fused with different species DNA can react to heart attacks and strokes to stop them from happening.

Stem Cells A Possible Cure For Chronic Chest Pain [Headlines]

A new study in Circulation Research suggests that injecting bone marrow stem cells into the patient's heart could help heal the damaged blood vessels in the heart.

Mio I-zawa: Throbbing Tumors And Hearts With Wheels

Mio I-zawa is a Japanese interactive media artist that utilizes flesh-like masses of material that resemble hearts, tumors, and skin cells. These items are placed into situations where they interact with computers, humans, or both.