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Analysis Interview: How MIRROR Reflects The Future Of Personalized Fitness

PSFK talks to MIRROR founder & CEO, Brynn Putnam, about catering to consumers' need for on-demand, personalized fitness, and how the future of workouts will take place in the home

Fitness & Sport Fitbit Wearers Can Share Data With NIH To Improve Health Care

The Fitbit BYOD program is a digital health initiative in partnership with the NIH's health project All of Us and is designed to use real-time participant data to inform healthcare research

Fashion & Apparel How Brands Like Spire Health Are Developing Wearable Workout Optimization Tools

Retailers are responding to consumer demand for products that assist them with their health and wellness needs, offering them apparel with tech-enabled fitness tracking and training capabilities

Features How Brands Like Owlet Are Helping Consumers Monitor Their Health With Wearables

Increasing awareness of health and wellness is driving interest among consumers in daily health monitoring, and brands are responding with connected apparel and wearables

Technology Sportswear With Embedded Sensors Makes Wearables Redundant

Emglare is preparing to launch a line of machine-washable activewear embedded with electronics that track the wearer's heart rate

Design This Stress Reduction Pod Could Be Your Next Workplace Staple

The Kokon’s stress reduction pod uses findings from neuroscience to help you relax and reenergize for happier work

Health A Device Can Monitor The Health Of Elderly Relatives

Using low-power radar, Welbi can track heartbeats and breathing rates

Advertising Crowdsourced Platform Wants You To Help Save Lives With Your Heartbeat

Heart for Heart is an app that's crowdsourcing information on a serious, and often undiagnosed, heart rhythm disorder called AFIB

Design Ear Wearable Improves Your Brain's Health

Brainno measures your brainwaves and provides tailored activities for honing cognitive functions

Retail This Water Bottle Aims To Be A Complete Wellness System

Unlike other canteens, the Spring smart water bottle integrates to track hydration and monitor other important body vitals

Fitness & Sport Research Shows How Fitness Trackers Need To Get Smarter To Track Calories

Compared with gold-standard laboratory measurements, scientists found devices were poor at tracking calories burned, but good at monitoring heart rate

Fashion & Apparel NFL Players Can Now Sell Their Own Health Data

A partnership with wearable company WHOOP gives players more ownership over their data

Retail Vibrating Smart Bra Helps Wearers Find Their Zen

Apart from providing physical support, Vitali improves posture and helps train people to deepen their breath

Wellness Ride Gets Faster Or Slower Depending On How Scared You Are

The Neurotransmitter 3000 sets its motion according to a person's heart rate, body temperature, and more