heart rate monitor

Design Simple Software Turns Commercial Earphones Into Pulse-Detecting Devices

Wearable technology that measures pulse in the vacuum created inside ear canals.

Technology Connected Baby Booties Help Parents Monitor Their Child's Vitals

The Owlet Vitals Monitor sends babies heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality, and roll over alerts to a parents' smartphone.

Innovation Electrode-Free Undershirt Monitors Heart Rate Discreetly

Athletes and chronic heart patients will benefit from this comfortable wireless technology.

Bike Helmet Measures Heart Rate In Real Time

SMART Cycling is new way for bikers to keep track of their vitals in extreme conditions.

Technology MIT Student Controls "Call Me Maybe" Song With His Heartbeat [Video]

As part of Music Hack Day, Ryan Challinor syncs his heart rate to the catchy hit.

Design Hospital Sculpture Interacts With Human Heartbeats

The artwork at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital uses digital lighting, medical monitoring equipment and control devices.

Technology Heads-Up Display Shows Athletes If They're On The Right Track

The device, which attaches to your sunglasses, uses LEDs and audio feedback to tell you about your performance.

Innovation Toyota's ECG Steering Wheel Monitors Your Heart Rate As You Drive

New steering wheel has sensors that can detect abnormal heart rhythms.

Work Ford Develops Car Seat That Monitors Your Heart [Video]

The prototype has six embedded electrodes that can detect a heart attack and transmit the information to the car's safety system.

Innovation Future of Health: Nike+ System To Incorporate Heart Rate Monitor

Nike Is partnering with fitness gear manufacturer Polar to add more functionality to the Nike+ system.