Design A Connected Shirt For Cows Helps Fight The Heat In Japan

The specially designed shirt helps cattle cool down in summer and keep producing milk

Fashion & Apparel Under Armour's New Premium Sleepwear Helps Athletes Recover Faster

The activewear brand claims to have created pajamas that promote body healing and recovery during sleep

Work Stay Warm Longer With Solar-Harnessing Jackets

Unlike most heat-storing material, this garment stays lightweight

Gaming & Play Care for Free Heating? Adopt a Data Center Server

By making space for a server, home owners have their bills paid for and help the environment

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Campfire Phone Charger Generates Energy Via Red-Hot Flames [Video]

Harness the power of heat to power devices while out in the wilderness.

Innovation Portable Sewage System Turns Waste Into Drinking Water

Self-sustaining waste treatment machine also produces excess energy for use by the local community.

Advertising Perforated Metal Skin Shields Office From The Sun’s Rays [Pics]

Communications company gets a futuristic makeover.

Technology PSFK's Gift Of The Day: Rechargeable Gloves Heat Hands To The Perfect Temperature

The Chaval Response-XRT design will provide optimal comfort by adjusting to biological signals.

Design New Chip Could Eliminate Batteries, Getting Power From Heat, Vibration & Light

MIT researchers have developed technology that could be used in biomedical devices, environmental sensors and gauges in remote locations.

Design Mug Reheats Coffee Without Using Electricity [Pics]

Cup uses sodium solution to keep beverages warm for longer.

Design Moving Geometric Facade Blocks Out Sunlight To Keep Buildings Cool [Pics]

Eye-catching design reduces the dependence on air conditioning in hot climates.

Advertising Advertising Professionals Largely Only People Aware Of Brand Messaging In Social Media [Headlines]

Those who work in the ad world are more likely to notice ads on social platforms than the general population; 71% of ad professionals agree they notice brand posts on Facebook all the time while only 23% of the general population do.

Technology East Vs. West Who's Hot, Who's Not? [Infographic]

The record-breaking heat waves in the U.S. last month have been plotted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in this infographic.

Luxury Monocolumn: Water Fights In Tehran Cause Uproar

In today's column from luxury magazine Monocle, when a water fight involving 3,000 people broke out in Tehran, police started to make several arrests, for no apparent reason.