Beauty This Scented Hair Dryer Boasts Fully Customizable Heat And Wind Control

HAI Beauty Concepts' luxury dryer has completely personalized settings and even makes hair smell like fragrant jasmine

Retail How Brands Can Use Public Spaces To Amplify Their Impact

Companies are contributing ideas for infrastructure and creating spaces that bring people together to make an impact on city life

Home Cryptocurrency Miner Doubles As A Heater For Your Home

Qarnot is a device that repurposes the waste of digital currency mining for a productive purpose

Design Air Conditioning Unit Works Without Electricity, Only Air And Water

Ant Studio created a unique air conditioner that uses evaporation cooling

Automotive Electric RV Gives Campers Almost Unlimited Range

Nomads and van dwellers rejoice: the no gas hybrid RV is slated to hit the road soon

Fashion & Apparel Undershirt Heats Up At The Touch Of A Button

The Polar Seal keeps you warm in cold weather without needing to wear multiple layers

Food & Beverage Japanese Engineers Have Made Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt

A secret ingredient helps Kanazawa Ice retain its shape even in high heat

Technology Alphabet Is Using Salt As A Renewable Solution For Energy Storage

A project from the company's X division plans to use salt and a low temperature liquid similar to antifreeze to store energy

Design A Connected Shirt For Cows Helps Fight The Heat In Japan

The specially designed shirt helps cattle cool down in summer and keep producing milk

Food & Beverage Automated Farm-In-A-Box Is A Solution For Urban Food Deserts

An advanced module for growing crops can be quickly and easily installed in cramped city quarters

Fitness & Sport Moisture-Responsive Gym Gear Cools You Down As You Sweat

Made from a fabric developed at MIT, the garments rely on bacteria to optimize cooling when the wearer is active

Health Photorealistic 3D Body Scanner Could Change How We Measure Health

PSFK met up with Co-Founders Alex Wayenberg and Martin Kessler to get a close look at this innovative device

Home Adjust Your Home Around Optimizing Sleep

The Sleepwise device tracks sleeping patterns and and automatically adjusts other IoT devices in the home to create optimal conditions for a restful night

Design Urban Canopy Concept Could Help Cool Overheating Cities

Blank Studio Design + Architecture has devised a plan to keep urban spaces livable in a future of rising planetary temperatures