Design Home Appliance Designed For Multiple Purposes, Some Analog

An Italian-made space heater functions as much as furniture for an antidote to our tech-infused homes

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By making space for a server, home owners have their bills paid for and help the environment

Technology Heat Your Room For 10 Cents A Day With Candle-Powered Device

Italian design student creates cheap heating alternative

Design Kettle Replacement ‘Miito’ Heats Just Enough for the Perfect Cup

Minimal heating tool warms liquids directly in their containers

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Terma Design Awards showcases radiators that add character to a room

Technology Solar Panels Provide Heat, Electricity & Hot Water For Remote Communities

A nonprofit organization looks to make isolated regions in Africa more self-sufficient.

Home Mattress Can Be Cooled Or Heated For A Comfy Night's Sleep

ChiliPad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress with circulating water and can be operated using a remote control.

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Work Product Of The Week: Dyson's Hot AM04 Fan

Dyson's newest fan can cool a room down to 32 degrees or heat it up to 99 degrees.

Design Using Excess Warmth From The Paris Metro To Heat Homes

A public housing building in the city is undergoing environmentally friendly renovations and will be heated with the help of activity from the train station below.

Work The Advantages Of Personal Ventilation

New Scientist reports on a recent study which suggests that personal control of heating and cooling systems could lead to cutting building energy costs in half.