Cafe & Restaurant Sustainable Bistro Shows How Design Can Reduce Food Waste

The NYC pop-up curated by Finnish designers educated visitors on the possibility of design and food production that conserves and reuses resources while still offering delectable meals

Design What Happens When Cities Adopt Coworking

Coworkies travelled to 106 coworking spaces across 12 cities in the past year to discover how coworking shapes cities

Advertising Anti-Violence Ads Appear Within Hours Of Real Crime

To raise awareness of domestic violence in Finland, these PSAs pop up after a 911 call

Home Stylish Bluetooth Speaker Blends in with Your Sophisticated Look

Nordic-inspired design and stunning audio make Vifa’s newest speakers kind to both ears and eyes

Design Architects Compete To Design Santa's Modern Digs

In addition to handling harsh climes and a large workshop, the plans needed to meet a number of sustainability criteria

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Helsinki Airport Offers Yoga Classes To Help Travelers Relax Pre-Flight

The TravelLab project tests out concepts to make departures and transfers in the airport much smoother and more interesting.

Work Googly Eyes Transform Natural Forms Into Expressive Monsters [Pics]

Artist’s new work explores the theme of expression through Mother Nature.

Design Upcycled Heinz Cans Become A Diner's Chandelier

Dutch designer Willem Heeffer turned 334 old tins into cutlery holders, bar lights, storage display and chandeliers.

Luxury Acoustic Guitar Project Forces Musicians To Play Without Technology

The Acoustic Guitar Project brings music back to basics by challenging artists to rely on themselves and their instrument to create raw, unadulterated music.

Home Pattern Pulp: Inspiration From The Design Capital Of The Year

A snippet of textile inspiration from travels in Helsinki.

Design Restaurant 'Pops Up' In Finland... 250 Feet Underground

This September, a 'pop-down' eatery featuring a four course meal will open in an mine in Tytyri.

Design Helsinki's Chapel Of Silence Is An "Off" Button For The Modern City

In the middle of Helsinki, local church parishes have built a mysterious structure that promises to relieve modern existential anxieties.

Advertising Wearable Sensors Offer Real-Time Snowboarding Performance Stats [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK spoke with Nokia, a company incorporating wearable sensors into snowboarding which communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth for real-time performance capture and readout.

Home (Events) Windowfarms At Hub Helsinki, PSFK SALON CHICAGO with Syfy, Dreams Exhibition London

A few upcoming events and conferences being held around the world.