henry hargreaves

Design Gingerbread Homes Mimic World-Famous Art Museums [Pics]

Food artists create a towering version of The Louvre that tastes as good as it looks.

Design Cake Art Represents 20 Years Of Wu-Tang Clan History [Pics]

New York baker blows regular birthday cakes out of the water with these custom designs.

Design Rothko Paintings Created From Colorful Grains Of Rice [Pics]

Photographer Henry Hargreaves and stylist Caitlin Levin recreate the Seagram Murals in the series Mark Rice-Ko.

Flaming Junk Food Highlights Americans' Unhealthy Obsession [Pics]

Photographer Henry Hargreaves’ latest series features a burger, pizza, donut and other tasty snacks set on fire.

Work Jell-O Infographics Tell The History Of The US Presidents

Henry Hargreaves creates a portrait of every U.S. president, coloring and positioning them to indicate different facts about their terms.

Artist Deep-Fries Gadgets As A Comment On Consumer Culture

Popular electronics battered and fried by Brooklyn artist as a criticism of our "fast food" culture that rapidly purchases and discards products.

Brooklyn Photographer Remixes The Wise Words Of Yoda [Pics]

Henry Hargreaves uses keyboard keys to spell out quotes from the Star Wars character.

Advertising Photographer Pays Tribute To American Diet With Bacon Alphabet

Henry Hargreaves puts a playful spin on one of our favourite foods.