high heels

Advertising Yves Saint Laurent Designed A Pair Of Roller Skate Stilettos

The French fashion house created a new kind of high heeled phenomenon, with roller skates attached

Fashion & Apparel This App Promises The Perfect Pair Of High Heels

After scanning your feet with an app, you can get a totally customized pair of heels delivered to your door

Design Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Play the piano with your feet, or walk on water thanks to an interesting new take on footwear.

Design Artist Hand-Paints Famous Artworks Onto Neiman Marcus Stilettos [Video]

Boyarde Messenger created one-of-a-kind-shoes inspired by great masterpieces.

Advertising Kanye West Unveils $5,800 Stilettos At Paris Fashion Week

U.S. rapper launches his own exclusive pair of heels in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti covered in pearls.

Home Convertible Stilettos House Secret Ballet Flats [Pics]

2-in-1 high heels with inner liners that turn into comfortable walking shoes.

Design Footwear Designer Creates High Heeled Birds [Pics]

Kobi Levi's series of shoes draw inspiration from a toucan, a mallard and a swan.